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6 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Fall

6 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Fall is here, meaning kids are back in school (hurray), pumpkin-spiced everything is everywhere (meh), and colder temperatures (nooo).

And with the changing of the seasons comes the changing HVAC system requirements of your commercial building. Your A/C systems can take a much needed break, with your heating and furnace systems stepping up to the proverbial plate.

Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind as you prepare and conduct your HVAC systems check (you do check everything regularly, don't you?) for the fall.

Summer cleaning.

If your commercial HVAC system is exposed to the great outdoors, it may have some wear and tear after a summer of usage. Start by cleaning all exteriors, yes including all that bird poop. Follow up with cleaning the general area and removing any debris, all while ensuring everything looks secure and functional.

Replace air filters.

Since you're replacing air filters every few months, the start of a new season is an opportune time to do so unless you equipped new ones in August. If air filters aren't working optimally, your entire commercial HVAC system and its efficiency will be affected.

Adjust supply registers.

As the weather cools, you can have your commercial HVAC system running more efficiently by adjusting the system's supply registers. We suggest opening a few of them on the first floor, and closing a few on the second.

Have no idea what in the world we're talking about? We can help.

Optimize or program thermostats.

Make sure your thermostats are correctly calibrated, otherwise your HVAC heating systems won't run as well as they should.

Considering we're in Toronto, and therefore the recipient of harsh winters, a programmable thermostat is a simple addition to your current HVAC systems that can save a ton on your heating costs through better manipulation and control of the temperatures in your building.

Test heating systems.

Once you've run through our tips and your own HVAC maintenance checklist, try firing up that heating system to ensure everything is in working order. If things are amiss, double check air ducts, check for leaks, and listen for any odd noises that could point to a malfunction or faulty HVAC equipment.

Professional HVAC inspection.

Ideally, you're having your commercial HVAC equipment and systems inspected twice a year usually the spring and fall by licensed HVAC contractors. Covering the basics is good, but the professionals can optimize your systems to be their most reliable, efficient, and safe, while identifying potential problems the average property manager may overlook.

Get your commercial HVAC equipment and systems running at their best before the Toronto winter hits. Contact the pros at Ambient Mechanical and set up a preventative HVAC maintenance appointment.

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