Energy & Sustainability Consulting

Save on energy and increase your annual projected earnings

We provide Smart Energy Consulting...That means we deliver visibility, transparency, and insights about your buildings energy performance to help accelerate your path to a more sustainable energy strategy. Our services provide the industry’s most comprehensive energy management service offering. We make it easy for you to assess, understand, propose, and plan the necessary upgrades for optimal building performance. We focus on increasing energy efficiencies and reducing costs, all while improving tenet comfort and asset value. Canada’s most comprehensive energy management and sustainability consulting service offering for commercial building operators.

Service Offerings:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Energy Audit
  • Sub Metering and Tenant Billing
  • Green Certification
  • Sustainability and Carbon Planning

District Energy Services

We believe it’s time for a redefinition of District Energy. It is no longer exclusively about heat or surplus energy, the traditional drivers of district energy. It’s about local production matched to local use - and not only at a building level, but also at the neighbourhood level. It’s about sharing energy between buildings. And it’s about resource efficient neighbourhoods and resilient cities. District energy is an approach to applying technologies to co-ordinate the production and supply of heat, cool, domestic hot water, and power to optimize energy efficiency and local resource use.

We are a district energy group that help organizations plan, strategize, develop, construct, manage, operate, and maintain district energy facilities. With space at a premium and emerging technologies presenting new “design and build” options our core business naturally expands into this area to service our customers’ evolving needs.

Ambient has been helping our partners make smart energy decision since 2002! Let us help you too.

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