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Ambient Mechanical Ltd. is custom-fit for your building-specific HVAC needs

Optimal HVAC operation inside of a building isn't one-size- fits-all. The diversity of rooms, people, machines, and products within a buildings infrastructure require different settings, at different times, in different locations. 

High-performing HVAC systems are crucial in maintaining the energy efficiency, security, and comfort of the building environment. Ambient Mechanical Ltd. offers turnkey solutions, services, and installations for high-functioning mechanical HVAC equipment, Chilled Water, Heating and Building Automation Systems, providing the right strategies to acheive high performance to almost any building new or old. 

Our dedicated staff - including over 40 fully qualified service technicians and a team of control automation experts - will save you time, money, and energy!  Add the sales, engineering, administration, project managers and service coordination teams, it should only take ONE full service HVAC and Controls contractor for all your HVAC and controls needs - Ambient Mechanical Ltd

And in case of any HVAC emergency, we're on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Multi-Faceted HVAC and Building Automation Services That Save You Time, Money, and Energy

HVAC Service &

Scheduled preventative maintenance for your HVAC mechanical equipment keeps buildings running efficiently. Even if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are running optimally, our trained team of experts will make sure your building's HVAC standards are upheld thus reducing operating costs.


HVAC Retrofit & Design

Ambient offers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades custom-tailored to your building's design specifications.Our in-house engineered retrofit upgrades are created for your building specifically, meaning optimal efficiency and extended longevity for your HVAC equipment


& Automation

Our HVAC building automation controls can be managed locally, remotely, or on any Smart device. You can schedule and optimize HVAC operations in each part of your building from anywhere in the world!


Energy Management
& Audits

We review your building's utility consumption to ensure peak HVAC performance. Our aim is to help you save on energy, prolonging equipment life while decreasing operating costs.

Chiller Service
& Maintenance

Ambient Mechanical Ltd.'s state-of- the-art chiller systems are green-friendly, cost-effective, and designed to meet modern standards & local regulations, drastically reducing carbon footprints.

Utility Incentives

By consulting with Ambient, you'll benefit from specialized, green-friendly HVAC equipment approved by the government and other energy organizations offering monetary incentives. With our expert advice, you'll save substantially on your upgrades and improvements, allowing you to turn a faster profit on your investments.

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Ambient Mechanical Ltd. and Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No.1019 have maintained a mutually loyal working relationship since 2005. The fully comprehensive preventative maintenance...
Julia A. Smith, Property Manager | Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation

14 November 2017

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