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How to Choose the Best Commercial HVAC Systems for Your Building

How to Choose the Best Commercial HVAC Systems for Your Building
Cost of purchase and installation is probably the first things that came to mind when you decided to invest in HVAC systems for your commercial building.

But those are only two small slices of the HVAC pie. You may think filtering your choices by price and picking the HVAC equipment at the top of the list guarantees outstanding HVAC performance, but the capabilities and equipments of your facility must align. If there's a mismatch, you won't be taking full advantage of those fancy new commercial HVAC systems.

Here are three important considerations when choosing the best commercial HVAC systems for your building:

What are the specific temperature and humidity requirements of the building?

Whether you're outfitting your building with a custom retrofit or standard commercial HVAC system, you must understand the specific load requirements for each space and how to meet them. A warehouse will require different temperature and humidity settings than an office building, for example.

When you're calculating your building's HVAC system load requirement, never use rules of thumb. Over or underestimating the load can cause significant problems in the long run; oversizing relative to facility needs leads to tenant discomfort, temperature swings, and short cycling; undersizing the HVAC equipment means the systems won't be able to keep up with building demand.

Forget the one-time cost of installation will these HVAC systems be costly to maintain?

Often overlooked, be sure to calculate the running costs of your potential new HVAC systems, or the routine maintenance necessary to keep everything humming at max efficiency. Frequent service calls from outside vendors can quickly add up. Instead, consider a regularly-scheduled preventative HVAC maintenance contract with a reputable commercial HVAC company the service will be reliable, and you won't have to worry about unforeseen costs.

I need custom retrofit HVAC equipment for my facility. Are the space and weight constraints to the HVAC equipment?

Before you sign off on any new HVAC systems or equipment, don't forget to evaluate physical dimensions and weight. If you're getting a custom HVAC retrofit, the equipment should seamlessly integrate into your existing space, avoiding additional costly renovations.

If you need guidance in choosing the best HVAC systems for your building, the HVAC experts at Ambient Mechanical in Toronto can help you find the right equipment or design a retrofit custom to your facility.

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