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HVAC Maintenance Over the Holidays

HVAC Maintenance Over the Holidays

As you and your staff leave your facility for the holiday break, that doesn't mean that your HVAC systems can simply be forgotten. Taking the proper precautions before you and a large percentage of your workforce go on vacation will ensure your HVAC system work properly long into the new year, and minimize energy consumption during the break period. 

Reduce Your Thermostat Appropriately

One of the biggest sources of inefficient HVAC over vacation periods is the failure to adjust systems for the reduced number of occupants. Turning off heating and even lighting in rooms that won't be used during this period can reduce wear on HVAC systems and, of course, significantly reduce energy usage.

Replace Filters

Duct and furnace filters throughout your HVAC systems should be replaced regularly, but if this hasn't taken place recently, the holidays can be a great time to do so. Due to the reduction in personnel, filter replacement can be undergone without interfering with any critical processes, and can help improve air quality by the time people return from vacation.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Contracting an expert company to regularly examine your HVAC systems pays dividends in terms of both energy savings as well as preventing costly repairs and part replacements as aging HVAC infrastructure breaks down.

At Ambient Mechanical, our  HVAC preventative maintenance can reduce a facility's energy consumption by 15-20 percent. Scheduling our services for HVAC over vacation breaks can ensure its systems are scaled down for the reduced occupancy during this period, significantly reducing energy waste.


To learn more about Ambient Mechanical's industry-leading services, including HVAC preventative maintenance, contact us today. Keep your HVAC over vacation running optimally with our help.

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