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The Road to Becoming an HVAC Technician

The Road to Becoming an HVAC Technician

If you like to work with your hands, are interested in how things work, enjoy meeting and speaking with different people, and have good problem-solving skills, you may want to begin a career as an HVAC technician.

But how do you become an HVAC technician? We're glad you asked.

Go to College or Trade School

The first step is to learn the craft. Various colleges in Ontario offer HVAC technician programs.  These programs will teach you the required skills in heating and cooling, and give you opportunities for deeper exploration and practical training through lab work. You'll learn to design, build, maintain, and service heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Work as an Apprentice

With your diploma in hand, you are now ready for an apprenticeship and you need one if you want to become a technician.

Apprenticeships are paid training programs that last between 2-5 years, depending on your previous school experience and whether you want to be a residential or commercial HVAC technician. Though most of your time as an apprentice will be spent working in the field, there is also a portion of theoretical training (three levels) that you can take part time throughout your apprenticeship, or full-time once at each level.

When you're finished, you'll receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship which you can proudly hang on your wall.

Write the Exam

Now that you have your Certificate of Apprenticeship, you can apply to become a certified and registered journeyperson in the trade.

To do this, you need to pass a Certificate of Qualification exam. The exam will test your knowledge and competency in the expected tasks of working as an HVAC technician. You can register with the Ontario College of Trades, where you'll also find an Exam Preparation Guide and other resources that you can use to study.


When you pass your exam (score at least 70%), you'll be officially eligible to receive your Certificate of Qualifications and membership in the College's Journeypersons Class. In other words, you'll be a real HVAC technician!



Learn more about what you'll do as an HVAC technician by visiting our services page!

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