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A Guide to Government of Canada Energy Rebates

A Guide to Government of Canada Energy Rebates

With 2019 upon us, now is the time to ensure your business takes advantage of as many Government of Canada energy rebates as possible. There are a wide variety of Canadian federal energy rebates available for businesses and facilities that do their part for the environment by reducing their energy consumption.

ENERGY STAR for Industry

The ENERGY STAR insignia is a universally recognizable symbol for a high-efficiency appliance, even those used in commercial HVAC systems. The program offers a wide variety of incentives and Canadian rebates for energy efficiency to both consumers and businesses, accessible through this database.

Green Municipal Fund

A series of Canada Federal Energy Rebates offered by the Canadian Municipality of cities, the Green Municipal Fund rewards Canadian cities and their partners for increasing their energy efficiency and reducing their waste through the adoption of renewable energy, as well as retrofitting inefficient equipment.

Retrofitting HVAC infrastructure is one of Ambient Mechanical's key services. We work with our partners to identify inefficient equipment and implement retrofits with seamless replacements that will run efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

Smart Building Initiative

The Government of Canada's Smart Buildings Initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by encouraging federal buildings to adopt smart building technology. A smart building is a collection of systems which automate facilities and collects raw HVAC data in order to correct inefficiencies and minimize energy consumption.

It can also help identify malfunctioning equipment quickly, allowing building management to fix them quickly before they cause a serious drain on resources.

At Ambient Mechanical, we specialize in providing building automation solutions that can convert any facility into a smart building. This involves installing a building automation system, as well as integrating HVAC infrastructure with smart building technology.


To learn more about Government of Canada energy rebates for efficiency, contact Ambient Mechanical today. Our HVAC solutions and retrofitting services can help you qualify for a wide variety of Canadian federal energy rebates.

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