HVAC Retrofit & Design Upgrades

Upgrade & Retrofit Your Building for the Future

Even a properly maintained HVAC system needs an upgrade every 15-25 years. And with today's advanced heating and cooling systems, HVAC retrofit and design upgrades offer superior efficiency, countless operational benefits, and long-term stability.

Ambient's HVAC design upgrades integrate flexible, dynamic HVAC systems that adapt to any alterations in today's modern facilities. Our retrofit HVAC system installations are optimal for today, and 10 years down the road, even with numerous shifts in operations and occupants in your building. Regardless of tenant turnover, rearranged interiors, or new infrastructure regulations, our retrofit commercial HVAC systems are scalable solutions that don't require costly alterations.

We integrate the latest in HVAC design, from retrofit central air conditioning and heating, to progressive DDC control systems, to high-efficiency chiller systems and boilers, meaning your building is efficient for the present, and equipped for the future.

Make sure your building's operations remain up-to- date with state-of- the-art HVAC retrofit and design upgrades. Call us for a HVAC retrofit cost estimate for your building!

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