HVAC Controls for Your Building Automation System

Building Controls and Building Automation Services

Ambient Mechanical's HVAC controls and building automation systems (BAS) are the backbone of energy management and efficiency for the commercial buildings we service.

A building automation system monitors (BAS), trends, and logs system performances that can be retrieved and analyzed for system faults and human error.

A building owner can tailor all their building automation settings to a specified temperature range, and schedule lighting based on time of occupation. These types of building automation systems optimize equipment efficiency, occupant comfort, and savings on energy and operations costs.

Our HVAC controls and automation division provides:

Along with our HVAC building automation services and support, our state-of- the-art BAS HVAC offers multi-protocol proficiency, providing flawless and intelligent integration for the lighting, CCTV, energy management, or other potential HVAC systems within your building. With a building management system from Ambient, you'll create a base that will support and grow alongside your building system's life cycle.

Control your commercial HVAC from anywhere in the world with Ambient's HVAC DDC controls and all types of building automation services and Systems!

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