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How to Hire the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Posted by Ambient Mechanical on 18 February 2019
Just like you wouldn't hire a dentist off Kijiji, you'll need a reputable and certified commercial HVAC contractor for your next project to be a success instead of a costly mistake. ...

A Guide to Government of Canada Energy Rebates

Posted by Ambient Mechanical on 24 January 2019
With 2019 upon us, now is the time to ensure your business takes advantage of as many Government of Canada energy rebates as possible. There are a wide variety of Canadian federal energy rebates...

HVAC Maintenance Over the Holidays

Posted by Ambient Mechanical on 20 December 2018
As you and your staff leave your facility for the holiday break, that doesn't mean that your HVAC systems can simply be forgotten. Taking the proper precautions before you and a large percen...

Getting Your Commercial HVAC System Ready for the Winter

Posted by Ambient Mechanical on 14 November 2018
With winter fast approaching, it's important to make sure your commercial HVAC system is ready for the worst this harsh season can throw at it. Not only will heating be an increased drain on...

Building Automation System Basics

Posted by Ambient Mechanical on 19 October 2018
The next frontier of building maintenance are smart HVAC solutions integrated and managed by a building automation system. With more and more HVAC and energy management processes becoming automa...

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